Welcome to Lee & Kan

We aim to give the best possible service to our clients, whether the matter be long and complex or short and straightforward.

We understand that 'going to law' can often be forbiddingly expensive and you will find our costs competitive and reasonable. We shall always be pleased to give you an estimate of costs at the outset, and an update on the costs position as the transaction proceeds, to help you to budget and plan.

In addition to the competence and reliability you would expect from any law practice, we know that you also expect speed! We are aware how important the need to avoid delays, both to you and your business.

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You will find us easy to work with and approachable. We aim to understand your objectives and problems and work with you in finding solutions. With our wide range of connections we can often be of assistance to you.

We offer a wide range of legal services; whether you are looking to buy a new home, invest in property or plan for the future.

We have a professional and dedicated team to help you reach your goals. Come and meet us here.